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The advantages and disadvantages of Costa Rica building a home using shipping containers as its main building block is not a’ cheap’ method of constructing your house.

If you deal with steel building blocks that require transportation, heavy metalwork, wood framing, insulation and then crane installation, the cost of building can be quite high.

For wallboard, power, plumbing, toilet and kitchen tiles, etc, the price obviously rises a little more.

This could be as expensive as the building of a regular cement and wood home.

Here are the reasons why we suggest building a home with shipping containers: 1. Most of the products are known to be recycled. This is better for the environment, of course, and requires far fewer resources, energy and time.

  1. Preparation of the ground. We prefabricate each container in our San Ramon factory and then install it in a couple of days. Instead of many months with a team of construction workers on your house.
  2. We save you money by using the windows and door stainless steel cutouts as safety bars for windows and doors. (This will save you between $5000-$7000 at a standard home) 4. The container shipping home is steel. Essentially impenetrable and thus much healthier.
  3. Another way to save money is to go upside down. 60,000 lbs of pressure can be borne on the wall. It makes the roof a floor for the existing ceiling and a future second floor.

Building costs in Costa Rica are high and many residents have landed in remote places, often free of public water and electricity. Such remote locations pose an obstacle to the access of a flatbed and a crane.

In Costa Rica, several building firms will tell you exactly what you want to hear, just to run the project. The fact is, there is a massive amount of paperwork needed in order to split first.

Many large documents that may lead to future issues for the homeowner are overlooked by most construction companies. Not only in the construction of your home but also in the topographer’s valuation, the local levy, compensation for building workers and so on. The government can actually arrive at your house years later and ask for a certificate that is required to legalize your home and your property.

I know because I and some of my friends have lived here in Costa Rica many times in the past 11 years.

Ultimately, buying and building is a long process in Costa Rica and costs money.

So get yourself happy!

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