The Riverfront Container Home

Rick, who recently purchased 3 containers, created a captivating 2 story container home near the Loxahatchee River in Florida.  Even if it wasn’t on a river, a 2 story container home seems to be all the rage these days.  Most 2 story container structures are built using a combination of 3 containers, but depending on the building plans and architectural designs may include many more.

Riverfront Container House Rick’s Response: The county government previously said no to my idea of a container home for a number of different reasons that were much more unclear. I objected to them with the challenge of building a home with a similar design but made up to look essentially like a container home. This helped to encourage us both to assess precisely where the challenges were lying. Ultimately, we were able to agree on a handful of structural elements and our building permit was awarded.

A few of the exemptions we made would include a more traditional look, trying to paint the outer shell white, contributing sliding glass doors to the endpoints of the containers, and also using impact glass rather than just storm windows and doors.

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